In short, THE foodcube is a multigrain capacity model of elementary physical properties regarding occurences of forms in the universe. REGARDING THEORETICS AND COMMON MATHS, THE foodcube describes the illusion of inadequacy of illegal forms of which are disproved despite thorough use throughout the common mathematics of widespread global academic standard. The Foodcube(c) is not only MORE CORRECT but also MORE SIMPLE by the fact that it withstands fundamental principles whilst being a fundamental principle ITSELF. SEE EXPOSITION OF COMPARATIVE COMMON CALCULATORY CURRICULA AND A MESS OF CURRY for a detailed comparison of common and structured logic and arithmetic and the proofs therefore contained within the foodcube and its sister solids[1], both in an analytical and philosophical sense, hence CURRY.


The foodcube is divided in sixths for each two-dimensional corner. The corners are representative of the following BASIC PROPERTIES which correlate to the fundamental nature of a specific form. These forms are divided because of their essential essences which are the equilibrium of the TWO fundamental forms that balance their derivatives, the essence which equates to the two-dimensional corners of the foodcube. THESE TWO ESSENCES are as follows: FILLING, GRAIN. Do note the seeming coincidence that a REGULAR CUBE, a mathematical form consisting of six two-dimensional corners of equal pointage and area, can be split in TWO REGULAR PRISMS of equal correspondence, given the defined flux and tension of the REGULAR CUBE. THIS IS NOT UNLIKE THE TWO, FILLING, GRAIN, yet their differences are erased when one realizes that they come together harmoniously to fit a CERTAIN TYPE OF CUBE. THE FOOD CUBE, containing the pure essence of the idea of FILLING, GRAIN, is defined as:

GRAIN is further divided amongst the six corners in the following list, which may also be perceived as a closed set of six dimensions. These, as regarded as derivative dimensions are as follows alongside analogous concepts used as brief summary:

  1. TOAST - A Plane, Plain or Otherwise.
  2. SANDWICH - A Set of Independent Planes.
  3. TACO - A Plane that loops unto itself.
  4. CHURRO - A Plane that loops unto its infixed self with a definitive set of multiple ranges.
  5. QUICHE - A Plane thus forming infixed Planes.
  6. RAVIOLI - A Figure which forms pockets of FILLING.

These faces, the term subject under accordance to commonly taught Euclidean Space, of the foodcube as well as the varying degrees of SIMPLE, COMPLEX, PARTICLE, and THEORETICAL-EXPONENTIAL GRAINS are more rigorously explored and are defined throughout the subsequent navigation throughout the foodcube.net web site.

Notes -

1 - Platonic Models for congruent systems have been developed, however they do not pertain to the consistencies of our universes' nature.