The Sandwich structure contains at least two grain planes (Q: Sandwhich? A: The foundation of the foodcube, a toast, in addition to the ceilings), with filling between each. The individual grain constructs that contain the filling are usually self similar, but do not share the same grain domain- the grain structures are individual planes and are not connected.

Sandwiches have the unique property that they are, in essence, two or more synchronized toasts, whose position and duality are dependent on the existence of filling between the toasts. This property is attested as all sandwiches can be splayed to desynchronize its slices, thus forming a number of toast. These toasts even further confirm the validity of the commutative property by its ability to be resynchronized. Oddly enough, the slices between sandwiches behave independently and give way to discourse on the semantics of the temporal and physical relevance of forms that synchronize in higher dimensions. See ASSESSMENT OF THE VALIDITY OF PHANTOM SANDWICHES

Common foods that share this body plan include: